Qualified, Experienced and Passionate

All staff are highly trained and experienced in providing compassionate person-centered care effectively and safely for you or your loved one. We believe in the importance of open and transparent communication with family members and can help with dialogue from healthcare professionals in care facilities.
We understand how important it is for compatibility between the client and the caregiver; therefore, our caregivers are carefully chosen for each client.

Meet Some Of The Team

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I graduated from McMaster University with a B.A Honours in Health Studies and Gerontology and have been passionate about providing the best quality of care for older adults ever since. I have volunteered at various long term care homes around the Hamilton area over the years and am happy to have found my home at Senior Support Services of Southern Ontario. I am very excited to be taking the reins on social media and outreach with this incredible company and help them grow and support more families! 



I have loved working with seniors my whole life and working for senior support services has allowed me to follow my passion and work with such a fantastic team. I have been working with two clients that I have developed a strong connection with. They almost feel like family. It feels so rewarding helping and just being there for them. Some hobbies I have outside of work are baking, playing sports, and spending time with my family. I have always been a family person growing up so it has been amazing to connect with the families of these seniors. Currently, I am in my second year at McMaster University in the honours Health & Society program with a minor in mental health and addiction and a certificate in business. 



I’ve been working with seniors within my community since I was a teenager! I love making new connections and building relationships with them! My favourite thing to do with my clients is listen to music and singing along. I love how music brightens their day and how it connects others. My passion and enthusiasm only continues to grow and I’m so thankful to Senior Support Services for all the opportunities they have opened up to me! When you do something you love, you truly never work a day in your life! 



My name is Julia and I have loved my experience as a caregiver for Senior Support Services! Mikaela and Spencer provide all the tools and knowledge needed to create the best possible relationships with clients and their families. Knowing that I have made an impact on a client's life during such uncertain times has been the most rewarding and humbling experience I could imagine. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking, exercising and spending time with my roommates when I get the chance during my busy school work schedule! I am a recent graduate of McMaster University from the Cognitive Science of Language program

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I am in my third year of  Health & Society and Aging & Society at McMaster University, and I heard of this company through a presentation held during one of my classes. I immediately knew this was what I wanted to do and applied as a caregiver. Being a caregiver for senior support services has been a fulfilling experience for me, as I was able to learn more about my clients through conversation, fun activities, and creating meaningful relationships with the client and family. I try not only to be a great caregiver but also to be my client's close friend. Treating them no different from my grandma or grandpa, creating meaningful relationships with love and kindness



24 years ago, I graduated as an Registered Nurse from college. I have always enjoys caring for others in a variety of health care settings, but what I LOVE about working for Senior Support Services is that I can now spend quality time with an individual and really get to know them.  It is very satisfying knowing I can ease and brighten someone's day alongside helping other family members at the same time.I enjoy spending time outdoors with my clients walking their yards identifying trees/ plants/ birds and enjoying their furry/ feathery pets.  Then on those rainy days we like to do some reading or amazing clients with my one and only card trick.    



Being a caregiver for Senior Support Services is incredibly fulfilling, I am proud to be part of such an amazing team. My favourite part about being a caregiver is being able to bring joy and brightness to every visit with a client, whether that be in sharing some laughs, partaking in activities, or having a nice chat. I am also so grateful to able to build relationships with clients and their families, connecting with others is an aspect that I especially love about caregiving. I am currently earning my undergraduate degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour, at McMaster University. Outside of work, I enjoy getting outdoors, staying active, and cooking.

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I have always been a people person and value creating meaningful connections with others. After being hired, I was able to connect with my client and have really enjoyed getting to know him. Seeing him during the week is always a fulfilling experience where I am able to learn so much from him. I am currently finishing my second year at McMaster University in Health and Society while also doing a Specialization in Mental Health and Addictions along with a projected minor in Psychology. 



I have always had a passion for working with others and making a difference in people’s lives. Being able to work for this amazing company has given me the opportunity to bring joy to people who need it! It has been a very rewarding experience. I enjoy going for hikes with my dog and baking on my days off. I’m also currently attending McMaster University, working towards obtaining my RN. I have quite a bit of experience with working in a hospital setting which has been very helpful when it comes to helping people



I have always known I wanted to work with seniors, and Senior Support Services has provided me with such a valuable opportunity to grow, learn and provide quality care. I have been working with my client for a few weeks and growing closer to him everyday, and it feels so incredible to be there for him when he needs me, or just wants someone to chat with. I am currently in my second year at McMaster University for a double major in Aging & Society and Anthropology. I began volunteering with seniors once a week while I was in high school. Now in my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading and knitting!  

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I have been working with seniors as well as individuals with disabilities for 30 years and have always loved it. It takes nothing to be kind to one another and it makes you feel great! My hobbies outside of work are cooking new and delicious recipes as well as baking wonderful treats. I also love reading a great biography or memoir of one of my favourite celebrities. Watching a great movie, spending quality time with my family and going for walks with my dog is always a great time too!