COVID-19 Protocol

As an essential service, we are committed to keeping our seniors safe at home. We are here to support you, your family, and our Caregivers, in a safe delivery of professional care you can trust. Our priority is always the health and safety of our Clients and our Caregivers. 

To promote the health and safety of our Clients and Caregivers, and to mitigate the risk of spread and exposure of COVID-19, we have put into place a number of protocols. Below are some of the key guidelines:

  • A policy of wearing a mask for the entirety of the visit

  • Health screens for every client before each caregiver visit

  • Health screens for every caregiver prior to the start of each day

  • Caregivers following strict hand hygiene protocols

  • Keeping our clients' caregiving teams small

  • Ensuring our caregivers continue to keep their social circle to a minimum 

  • Providing caregivers with the proper PPE and following the PPE guidelines from Public Health