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Get to know us


Hello, our names are Spencer and Mikaela. We are McMaster graduates in Gerontology and Health Studies and co-founders of "Senior Support Services of Southern Ontario," a company that focuses on helping older adults through their aging journey. Our mission is to always “Make days Brighter, Happier, and Healthier with People who Care”. 


We launched Senior Support Services of Southern Ontario with the goal to improve seniors' lives in our community, improve the well-being of primary caregivers and create a community where people are valued, understood and appreciated. We both worked as caregivers before starting our company, learning and understanding what it meant to care for seniors. Through our personal experience, we were able to care for our aging family members, which has given us an inside understanding of how scary it can be to let caregivers into your home. 

Why Choose Us?



Continually trained, professional, and experienced. We have the time, resources, patience, and experience to find what works and does not work with our clients. 


 We support independence and avoid creating learned dependence. We determine our clients' needs and work with families and health care teams to ensure that they are met.


We ensure each client has an individualized care plan. The care plan is designed to help care partners and family members stay on track.


We understand how important it is for compatibility between the client and caregiver, therefore our caregivers are carefully chosen for each client.

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