Our business started by noticing the gaps in healthcare and learning about the many challenges that our loved ones face. Through education and employment opportunities we discovered that when seniors are respected, valued, and cared for, a real difference is created. We wanted to build a business that runs on passion, care and the goal to better someone's life.


We are both very passionate about helping older adults through their cognitive, physical and emotional struggles. With the increasing number of older adults in today's society, we have become aware that there is a lack of services specifically designed to help enhance their lives and promote a positive wellbeing.
Both having studied Gerontology and Health Studies at McMaster University, we understand that with regards to aging, there are still many challenges that continue to exist in addressing health, wellbeing and social care. Through education opportunities we studied the different meanings of health and wellness and learned that older adults’ quality of life can be maximized if we cater to their physical, emotional, cognitive, political and spiritual needs.
With our experience, we have gained a substantial amount of knowledge on how to connect, support and form life-long relationships with older adults. We are both so grateful for the endless opportunities we have had helping seniors in our community enhance their wellbeing and improve their independence. 
We want to make peoples’ days brighter, happier and healthier through their aging journey! We look forward to the opportunity to improve the quality of life for you and your loved one.



Mikaela Wilson 

BA(H) Gerontology & Health Studies


Spencer Coombe 

BA(H) Gerontology & Health Studies