Wendy L.

With the assistance of Senior Support Services of Southern Ontario we have managed to promote a positive quality of life for my father as he transitions to LTC. Both Mikaela and Spencer have the understanding, skill set, empathy and genuine gift of working with individuals and their families to provide exemplary dementia care. This includes specific personal care we have requested, provision of stimulating activities to engage and keep my father engaged and active, persuasive and responsive dementia approaches using their remarkable communication skills, and providing tips for us as family members to better manage the cognitive and often challenging behavioural changes that come with dementia. As well, Mikaela and Spencer are intuitive to the needs of us as a family, mindful in supporting us to cope and adapt. Their flexibility to adjust to our requested schedule changes, to listen when it gets tough, ability to work respectfully and positively with LTC staff, and to provide us with feedback is simply reassuring. We truly appreciate having them be part of my father’s care team. Our heartfelt thanks. Wendy L.