Here at Senior Support Services, we always try to bring compassion, respect, kindness, empathy, and joy with every visit.


At Senior Support Services, we have the time, resources, patience, and experience to find what works and does not work with our clients. We leave any negative energy outside the door and are fully present in the moment. Creating a safe environment and bringing positive energy is the foundation of our care, and we accomplish this by following the approaches below:


1. We do things with our clients and not for them. We support independence and avoid creating learned dependence. We accomplish this by creating a plan and find out what our clients can do and what they need assistance with. 


2. We help our clients find their simple pleasures and joys. It is easy to get wrapped up in tasks and focus on the negative aspects of aging. To have a fulfilling, meaningful quality of life, it is essential to integrate simple pleasures into a care plan.


3. We create a cognitively stimulating environment. We ensure the environment is safe, stimulating and eliminate any triggers that can foster negative emotions. Keeping individuals cognitively stimulated promotes feelings of purpose and positive wellbeing. This will help to create a happier and healthier life.


4. We ensure each client has an individualized care plan. The care plan is designed to help care partners and family members stay on track. Care plans reduce the potential for negative experiences. A care plan ensures that our clients’ mental and physical well-being is maximized and ensures that care partners’ goals are expressed. Care plans include a medical summary and an action plan. These plans are updated regularly with a daily log that tracks each visit.

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